Alternative Motion and User-Defined Cardio Equipment

  • Improve mobility and strength

“To Stay Young and Active”®

Now active adults, athletes and those in need of some repair have Alternative Motion and low-to-virtually-no impact, multi-directional User-Defined Cardio & Functional Exercise Equipment for Improving Balance, Core Strength, Aerobic Capacity and Flexibility.

BMT brings you innovative solutions for fitness and exercise equipment designed to meet the ever changing needs of Health and Fitness Clubs, Personal Training Studios, Sport Training Centers, Rehab & Physical Therapy Clinics. “You can’t do this on any other equipment. These are truly new workout machines,” says Bob Piane, Jr, CEO, “and we guarantee it.”

“This line of Alternate Motion and User Defined Cardio & functional training equipment adapts to the movement patterns related to your anatomical structure and function, allowing you to move more freely. This engages and strengthens muscles in smooth bio-mechanical patterns utilizing multiple planes of motion.”
Dr. Barry Miller, PhD, MBA, Assist. Prof. of Health and Human Performance,
Dir. Dept. of Student Rec & Wellness, Radford Univ., VA

“Bob Piane runs a revolutionary company that creates training equipment for the human body. They do not promote nor design synthetic means of stabilization or pre-guided angles of force production. Everything that BMT Fitness produces is based on how our bodies work in the truest and most functional sense.”
Brian Grasso, Founder of the IYCA

“For a better balanced life learn to handle imbalance.”
“To move farther forward learn to move in all directions.”

©Bob Piane Jr. CEO, BMT Fitness & Therapy Equipment, LLC 2012

Alternative Motion and Multi-Directional User-Defined Cardio Exercise Equipment for:

Stay active with training equipment

  • Improved performance, dynamic strength & flexilbility
  • Improved cardio
  • Improved balance, agility & coordination
  • Reducing injuries and helping to prevent falls
  • Staying young and active
  • Fitness Programs for older adults, the general population and athletes
  • Functional Fitness
  • Low-to-virtually-no impact User Defined, multi-Directional Cardio
  • Lateral Step Exercise Equipment designed to Help With Fall Prevention
  • Alternative Motion, Multi-Directional, Dynamic Flexibility & Strength Training is not just leg exercise equipment it trains the core, low back, hips and legs simultaneiosly
  • H.I.T cardio
  • Body Weight Training
  • Personal Training
  • Sport Equipment for Functional and Dynamic Ground-Based Sports Fitness Training
  • New Workout Equipment for the Creation of Circuit Training for the Active Adult Population
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy for Fall Prevention, post-op rehab for lower body extremities and pre-hab
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation

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